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Parental Responsibility Project

. . . holding parents accountable for the best interests of the child. . .
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The mission of the Parental Responsibility Project is to enforce parents' ongoing legal duty to provide and care for their child who has been adjudged a ward of the court pursuant to the Juvenile Code.
  • Parents Must Provide Financial Support for the Juvenile While a Ward of the Court

A court order is sought to ensure parents pay for the juvenile's care, maintenance, medical and treatment costs while the juvenile is placed in an OJA facility.

  • Parents Must Experience Economic Impact of Juvenile's Actions

One objective of the project is to petition the court to order parents be held accountable for these expenditures and to collect the total amount ordered.

  • Parents Must Not Benefit Financially By Juvenile's Out-of-Home Placement

Public assistance must be redirected accordingly so that parents do not benefit financially by a juvenile's out-of-home placement. A court order obligating parents to pay for all, or part, of placement costs, to pay court fees and expenses, and to ensure payment of the juvenile's restitution will also enable parents to experience the economic impact of the juvenile's actions.

These objectives serve the best interests of the child and protect the public welfare.

  • Preserves Family Ties Between Parent and Child by Strengthening Family Focused Consequences

Prevents parents from abandoning their legal duty to provide for the juvenile. Focuses consequences, as well as treatment, for juvenile behavior on the family.

  • Prevents The Public From Bearing Full Burden of Parents' Failure to Provide

With costs to the State exceeding $230 per day per juvenile for some facilities, parental liability for such costs protects the public interest by reducing the amount of public subsidy required. Monies collected through the Parental Responsibility Project will be used to help deal with juvenile problems and issues within the local community.

  • Educates The Public About Family Responsibility to Juvenile and Society

Further, the Project will heighten public awareness of the consequences to parents who disregard their parental responsibility as well as provide public support for the judiciary and district attorneys in enforcing family responsibility.

  • Preserves Family Ties Between Parent and Child

Additionally, parents must correct those barriers to being able to provide for the juvenile which can be done through a court order directing parents, whose failure to provide contributes to the delinquency of the child to take corrective action, such as obtaining vocational training, employment, completing a substance abuse program or other appropriate action.

For More Information Contact:
Donna Glandon, Director
Parental Responsibility Project
(405) 530-2939 or fax: (405) 530-2890